Clash Royale – Starting Push Deck

This can be an easy guide for a deck I’ve been using in the very popular mobile game Clash Royale.

The really cool thing about this deck is that it features tutorial and first arena cards, making it appropriate for everyone.

Personally, I used this deck in the 1700-2300 levels and can verify that if played right may be used in high amounts of play and battles. It will take you far!

OK, enough build-up. Here are the cards you should use:

  •  Archers
  • Bomber
  • Arrows
  • Spear Goblins
  • Mini Pekka
  • Musketeer
  • Giant
  • Prince

Important Note: The Prince is very difficult to replace and is an integral part of the deck. This strategy won’t go far without the Prince leading the charge (literally!)

In a match you’ll have two selections. In these two scenarios you may use a combo that is similar to get crowns. Each push you do you should look to put a giant at the rear part of your side so you’ll be able to augment it as it goes over the bridge and so that you can let your elixir.


You are going to primarily use archers, bomber, and your spear goblins as the have an incredibly low cost and let you cycle through immediately. Your musketeer should be used against baby dragons and balloons since it flourishes in air defensive scenarios. Your miniature PEKKA, believe it or not, is also excellent at protecting against hog riders and giants since it can go on a counter push and has a high damage vehicle assault.

Weaknesses and Things to Watch Out For

This deck can overwhelm many players which can be not prepared but can have some rough if things go sour matches. The only deck that’s given me issues unlike any other is the golem. Golems are an important counter for this deck and beyond and secure the gates to stadium 6. The only method I’ve had the opportunity to defeat them is shoving on the opposite side for an early crown afterward doing my best to defend it away. The final matter that can cease your push is a skeleton military which once you have seen one time you will end up able use and to call bomber or your arrows later on to overcome.

Oh, and random thought. Why, oh why, did they nerf the Giant?



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