Some of My Favorite Minecraft Skins

OK, I get bored easily.

When I get really bored, I try different skins in Minecraft. Skins are easy to change and I like trying on different outfits and costumes when playing on multiplayer servers.

A few of the best skins I have tried lately (all from Skindex of course!)

Weird Christmas Skin


Christmas Girl


Christmas Foxline

It’s a fox — in a Christmas sweater!




A Total Guide to the Villager in Minecraft

Villagers are passive Non-Player Heroes (NPCs) that spawn and move around in Villages. They have different roles, such as priests, butchers, blacksmiths, farmers, nitwit, and librarians and spawn in their respective buildings. They have large, bald heads, green eyes, mono-brows, and long, big noses.

Villagers are considered as one of the most intelligent of all peaceful mobs. However, there are some factors that they are unaware of or pay no attention to. Villagers understand the day-night cycle as well. Villagers are not fond of water, and unlike the additional relaxing mobs, will immediately attempt to find an escape route.

Villagers will attempt to avoid zombies. However, they do not attempt to escape any attackers except zombies. Unlike additional mobs, villagers do not notice when they are arranged on fire, making any source of fire extremely dangerous to a village’s population. Villagers will not run when they are on fire as well, showing no attempt to put the fire out.

Villagers only spawn in villages which can be located only in the flattest (or close to flat) biomes on the map, such as desert biomes, savannas, and plains. When a villager notices a zombie, they immediately begin to run away from them. Villagers are fast plenty of to escape a zombie. However, this will not usually protect them. When it becomes nighttime, all villagers move in-doors to security. However , there is a flaw in this behavior. Whenever it is raining outside, villagers still understand it as day time. Zombies, however , will not die because it is certainly raining, and the sun isn’t out. This can cause some villagers to die. Villagers will also run aside when they see a Vindicator or an Evoker.

A wide-spread sight in a village would be villagers facing each other, assuming the human-like characteristic of “talking”. When a player attacks a villager, they possess steam coming from their heads, most- likely indicating anger or frustration. As of 1 . 6, villagers will produce noises (sounding similar to a “hmmm”, a grunt, or a humming sound ). They make noises on several occasions: when breeding is definitely activated, when struck by a player, or when a participant trades with one.

Trading with Villagers

Villagers are able to be traded with in the game for various items depending on their ” occupation ” or type of villager. The currency that they handle are emeralds. Some villagers will trade for emeralds, while others will take emeralds and give items. Farmer type villagers, known for his or her brown clothing, are known to trade items related to farming, such as wheat, carrots, potatoes, and melon seeds for emeralds, or vice versa. The butcher type, known for the brownish clothing and white apron, will trade for meat such as porkchops, beef, mutton, and chicken. It is far more common for the trade to require the raw version of the meat. Priests, which can be identified by their full purple clothing, trade for Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender. They also allow the player to buy enchanted items by trading an unenchanted version of the item, in addition to a few emeralds as the price of enchanting the item. The blacksmith type of villager trades for armor and tools and weapons. The librarian villager is known for his all white clothing and ” wise ” look, buys paper and offers publication and navigational related items, such as bookshelves and compasses. Lastly there is one other villager called the Nitwit, it wears a green robe and does not trade when one right clicks him.

Villagers all start with one trade agreement. Once the player does this trade and then closes the trading interface, the villager will have a ” thinking ” type animation and come up with another trade. This does two things. First, it allows more trading options, up to a maximum of 5 per villager, and second, it resets the trade. Each trade will be able to be used 3-5 occasions until it must be reset again. The villager will only reset if the final or “newest” trade is completed at least one time. Once all five are unlocked, continuing the last trade will continue to reset the trades, and also has a small chance of replacing an existing trade with a new one.

Trading is one of the fastest ways to get emeralds legitimately in survival mode without the use of cheats, while farming animals and crops are far faster than digging for emeralds. This allows players to constantly trade and renew trades that yield emeralds to the player. This is also known sometimes as “farming emeralds”, or “emerald bartering. ”

As of Minecraft 1 . 8, the villagers’ trading got a complete overhaul. Villagers could now have several trades when they are spawned providing the player more flexibility when trading. Another element that helps is definitely that when trading, fresh trade possibilities can occur depending on how many fresh trades players have made already.

The Exploration Upgrade added new “cartographer” villagers, who will trade their Exploration Map for a Compass and varied amounts of Emeralds gathered by the player.

Popularity with Villagers

A player’s recognition within a particular village can be increased or decreased in many ways, with one notable consequence: if the player has a recognition below -15, naturally spawned Iron Golems will become permanently hostile towards the player. Popularity can be gained by trading, breeding, etc ., but will decrease by attacking villagers and/or iron golems. A player’s popularity can be high in one village, yet low in another.

Zombie Villagers


Zombie Villagers are extreme mobs that appeared in Minecraft’s Pretty Scary Upgrade ( Version 1 . 4). They make up 5% of zombies that spawn in the Overworld. They will also appear after a villager is definitely killed by a zombie during a village siege, 50% on Normal and 100% on Hard. If a baby villager is definitely killed during a siege, it will also become a baby zombie villager. Baby zombie villagers are faster than their grown-up counterparts and will not age. Zombie villagers can be returned to normal villagers if weakened using a splash potion of weakness, and then fed a golden apple.

They will appear to shudder while being cured. It is best to place zombie villagers in a sort of “prison cell” structure with a bed and iron bars while treating it. This is because the iron bars and bed make the villager remedy about 4% faster. Zombie villagers take 2-5 moments to remedy under normal conditions. A zombie villager offers all the behaviors and characteristics of regular zombies, such as being able to put on armor. Iron golems will still assault them, unless they are cured. In Pocket Edition and 1 . 9, they maintain their clothes and appearance prior to being infected.

DanTDM Profiled in Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics, otherwise known as that magazine your grandpa reads, profiled YouTuber DanTDM recently.

The covered his popularity and how he’s making a ton of money doing a sold-out theater tour. Tickets at his Connecticut stop were between $63.50 and $150. What???? That’s a lot of money to pay to meet a YouTuber in person, no matter how Internet-famous he is.

I’m happy for Dan. He gets to keep making videos and meeting his fans.

The live show doesn’t involve DanTDM playing Minecraft at all. Instead it’s a performance/play about Dan and his evil twin named, well, Evil Dan. I guess it works!


Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Discovery Update

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft has just been updated to version 1.1 and contains a bunch of new updates, enhancements and features. This updated is called the Discovery Update.

Let’s take a quick look at what is in there.

  • Llamas!
    I mean, do we really need to say anything more? Minecraft without llamas is like, well, playing an endless game of tic-tac-toe.
  • The Marketplace
    Minecraft bills it as the best way to connect to a universe of content, including community creations. This appears to be Minecraft’s way of letting Pocket Edition users download and install a fraction of the content (like Minecraft Maps) that Desktop users can download. It looks like you’ll have to pay real money to get these virtual goods (boo!)
  • Forest Mansions
    These are mystery zones (I liken them to Elf villages from Lord of the Rings) complete with villagers and the totem of undying.
  • A whole bunch of other updates…
    Almost too much to cover.

The update shipped a few days ago (on June 1) so get in there and download!

How to Download and Install Minecraft Maps

Minecraft is a worldwide globe of unlimited creativeness, and the nearly limitless collection of maps available online is a testament compared to that. You will find maps to match any taste, from easy to complex incredibly, all created simply by additional players and shared for the grouped community. If you were questioning ways to add customized maps to your personal computer edition of Minecraft, we developed this task by step guidebook to assist you:

Step 1: Download the map

Minecraft maps can be found as totally free downloads from websites such as for example, Minecraft Worlds, and MinecraftDL. To the archived map document to your personal computer download, click on the “Download” or “Download Map” switch. These websites possess maps in various classes that are ideal for different playing designs, such as for example surviving, solving puzzles and eliminating monsters. The maps are created by fans who distribute them free of charge typically.

Remember that looking for Minecraft maps potential clients you right into a twilight of shady webpages quickly. There are always a complete large amount of infections out there, so be cautious everything you download. Adhere to well-known discussion boards, and don’t adhere to links to unusual ones.

Step 2: Unzip the file

The maps you install from the net are often zipped or compressed to ensure that they take up small space and become downloaded faster than map files which have not been zipped. You can identify the zipped files by their extensions easily, such as for example .zip (a common regular in Home windows and Operating system X) and .sit.

Unzipping the .zip or .rar document is necessary to ensure that Minecraft may discover them. You shall need to have a file archiver program to get this done, such as for example 7-Zip (Home windows). In the zip file may be the global globe folder of the map that you downloaded. Click on this once to choose it and go through the Extract To switch then. A fresh window will pop-up. Here you may select where in fact the folder is needed by you to become extracted. Click OK if you have chosen a location.

If a Mac is utilized by you, the “Archive Utility” included in OS X can open .zip documents by right-clicking on the .zip and selecting “Open up With > Archive Utility”. The documents and/or folders will be deposited to the same area as the zip, and the zip could be deleted.

You shall need to have a different program like the Unarchiver for .rar files. That is clear of the App Shop and functions in precisely the same manner as the built-in zip device – simply double-click the archive document and the documents and folders will instantly become extracted to the same area.

When the downloaded zip file contains multiple items, the unzipped files will be kept in a folder which has the same name because the initial zip file. For instance, if you unzip a document known as, the files shall be positioned in a folder called minecraftmap. This folder shall be positioned in the same folder as the file.

Step 3: Open up the extracted folder

Open up the folder that you developed by extracting the map file simply. If you open up the folder with the map’s name, you should discover a number of folders and documents, including a known level.dat document, a data folder, and many other files. Keep this open up for the present time.

Step 4: Open up the Minecraft save folder

When you have the map pack, it’s period to demand conserve folder of your Minecraft profile. By default, the save folder is certainly in the next location:

  • Home windows: C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\
  • Mac Operating system: /Users/[yourusername]/Library/App Support/Minecraft/will save/

This is one way you can the saves folders:

In Windows.

1. Open up the beginning menu and choose Run.

2. Type (without rates) ” C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\

” and strike Enter.

In Mac OS.

1. Open up the Finder.

2. Select Move and Head to Folder…

3. When prompted, enter (without rates) “/Users/[yourusername]/Library/App Support/Minecraft/will save/”.

Step 5: Duplicate the map folder to the will save folder

Duplicate the map folder containing the known level. dat data and document folder from the various other window in to the saves folder. Once you’ve place the map into your will save folder, get on Minecraft as you generally do and you will at this point find the brand new maps in your set of available worlds.

Step 6: Play Minecraft

Finally, you need to find your brand-new save among all of your other saves. Generally, the real name of the brand new custom map should come in the set of worlds. Select the global globe, and click “Enjoy Selected Globe” to begin exploring the brand new custom map.

You did it! You will have all you need to set up a customized map probably the most well-known PC games ever. Therefore experiment, try any maps that passions you, and keep an keen eye on innovative and fantastic maps because they become available around the net.

Happy Minecrafting!

Playing Minecraft Horror Maps

Being scared is fun and it’s no different in Minecraft, where horror maps have become very popular.

About Minecraft Maps

Minecraft maps will be the imaginary phrases that are manufactured with blocks in Minecraft. Your creativity produces these global worlds that cause you to endless experience immersing you right into a heroic story, make horror plots to excitement you, cause you to a difficult puzzle where one can test problem solving performance. Your creativeness limitations you to create your own world, the potentialities are limitless otherwise. Apply your mind’s eyesight and depict your very own worlds in Minecraft.

Types of Minecraft Maps

There exist overwhelming types of maps in the global world of Minecraft. With the duration of time new features are getting into the list with tremendous quantity and the outdated are continually being modified to maintain abreast with raising demand. An excellent variety sometimes appears in the fresh edition of Minecraft maps. Taking into consideration the true amount of users, Minecraft Horror maps possess occupied top placement. Minecraft Horror maps obtained the maximum popularity because of it thrilling nature. Today I will depict the fundamental features of Minecraft horror maps and various other maps.

Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft experience Maps highlight on narrating a complete story along with facilitate a new player to play since central character. People consider Minecraft adventure maps as another well-known map to Minecraft horror maps.

Minecraft Survival Maps

Minecraft Survival maps highlight on survival entirely. You might find some Minecraft maps merging survival with Minecraft horror maps also.

Minecraft Puzzle Maps

Minecraft Puzzle maps are created to test thoroughly your problem solver performance. In puzzle maps a new player has to complete a couple of tasks to check out fix another problem. You won’t end up being thrilled but Minecraft horror maps cause you to feel thrilled.

Minecraft Parkour Maps

Minecraft Parkour maps make reference to reaching to the ultimate line as quick since possible. A player will need to have skill and endurance as Parkour maps business lead him to leap a couple of challenges.

Minecraft Creation maps

In Minecraft Creation maps, there is absolutely no targeted goal. The purpose of Creation maps may be the incredible construction created by minecraft players. Many don’t show interest in comparison to Minecraft Horror maps.

Minecraft PvP maps

Minecraft Player vs Participant (PvP) maps allow competition among players. It really is like a fight among belligerents just, facilitate you to select a sword. You won’t discover horror like Minecraft Horror maps.

Minecraft CTM maps

CTM (Complete the Monuments) maps render a challenging area with filled with aggressive mobs and other complications. Players need to survive overcoming all barriers and discover necessary what to construct a monument.

Minecraft Maze maps

The majority of the Minecraft Maze maps are regarding reaching at the ultimate eliminate through many problems. Players can get a complete large amount of surprises when you are going to make the right path in the map.

Minecraft Dropper maps

In Minecraft Dropper maps a new player fall down an even steering clear of blocks and pays an effort to touch the bottom. Horror fans find no curiosity to dropper maps but display deeper curiosity to Minecraft Horror maps.

Minecraft PvE maps

PvE (Participant vs Environment) maps highlight a fight against a hostile gang. You need to fight in the right path through challenging or objective to survive. Sometimes, PvE maps appears frightening like Minecraft Horror maps.

Minecraft Horror maps

Minecraft Horror maps will be the best option for all those players who would like to end up being thrilled and tensed. It has obtained the topmost popularity.

Most Popular Minecraft Horror Maps

Minecraft Horror maps are usually best Minecraft maps since the reputation of Minecraft Horror maps has touched its sky. You can’t picture how frightening they may be if you don’t have prior connection with playing Minecraft Horror maps. Now I will describe some scariest Minecraft Horror maps:

Black Light is among well-known Minecraft Horror maps with challenging trip to a psychiatric medical center right before a nuclear explosion. If players are skillful to utilize the lighting it’ll be therefore much thrilling video game and the complete scenario would seem haunted.

The Asylum can be among frightening Minecraft Horror maps as abandoned asylums always thrill and chill us. You are lead because of it to an immortal mob which makes true horror.

Survival Horror is approximately surviving in a frightening house upon the hill fighting against beasts and ghosts with the use of limited items and assets that are located around the hill home. In the map a failing electric powered generator makes the true panic in game.

Ruins of the Lifeless is about very outdated underground temple where you merely may survive fighting against undetermined amount of zombies. Additionally it is among Minecraft Horror maps as the map creates a frightening moment.

Wandering is also probably the most popular Minecraft Horror maps where you will see jump-scares and a genuine excitement from the opening stage to last step. A vintage person comes home home after lengthy hectic morning. You can become the old guy while playing. Skilled use of light enables you to feel the real flavor of Minecraft Horror Maps.

Playing Minecraft Puzzle Maps

Producing Minecraft puzzle maps can be a wonderful activity, since you make your presets for unique framework layers and distribution. However, it could be more pleasurable to use currently made maps even, since somebody else did all the ongoing do the job.

By downloading a Minecraft puzzle map you can find usage of on-going structures and customizations. In this way, in case you are not the very best Minecraft player even, you can benefit from the work of learn Minecraft designers and builders still.

As an illustration, if you spent several weeks establishing upon a higher mountain range an excellent castle, in the end that building you’ll really wish to talk about it with various other players and invite them to explore your castle or also reside in it. If this is actually the full case, then you can certainly just talk about that map on Minecraft community forums or upload it to a map posting site.

There aren’t only many Minecraft-loving gamers who like sharing and building, but whole teams of Minecraft maps designers and builders also. They spend hundreds of hours in map creation activities collectively.

The wonder of custom Minecraft map downloading is that you will get the blueprint for the property of a map when someone shares a seed with you. You shall obtain the same caves, rivers, ravines, and villages they have. The DNA is shared by them of the map when sharing a Superflat preset with you.

Puzzle/Adventure Maps

Adventure or Puzzle maps are improved due to the Adventure Mode. If these maps were created by using in-game equipment they are such as a game-within-a-game. Experience or puzzle maps consist of obstacles that reach beyond the typical complications encountered in the standard Survival Mode and include puzzles for the participant to resolve that are more advanced than Survival Maps.

They ordinarily include a sophisticated back story also. If you are searching for a real problem, this is the ideal map type for you personally. To be able to create the illusion of advancement in the complete story, puzzle or adventure maps usually depend on redstone, command blocks, and various other in-game automations

Below are a few types of exciting puzzle maps.

Master’s Medical center Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features custom mobs, a large number of exceptional puzzles, and a “hospital” filled with masters that are employing you as their guinea pig test subject. The map carries a clock that handles your fate also. The antagonists are continuously mocking plus they are prepared to laugh at your every misfortune. This Minecraft puzzle map can be made for multiple players.

30 Ways to Die

In this single-player map you have to die to get to the next level. That’s a bit of a twist!


Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features just one single mission: to raise to a fresh level the humble gemstone hoe. The gemstone hoe is at the forefront of all ordinary things in this map, as nothing could possibly be achieved without it.

Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle map differs from various maps because there are no indicators. This leaves totally for you how you escape the accepted place what your location is stuck in.

Destiny Minecraft / Experience Puzzle Map

The Destiny Mincraft adventure / puzzle map is among the most thrilling maps you can acquire. Destiny can be a map which will push you to function for a feeling of coherency. In this full era, this is sometimes a good thing. To be able to play upon this map you are necessary a good feeling of stamina and all of your Minecraft puzzle solving abilities.

King Spoon’s Tomb Minecraft Experience / Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle / adventure map brings you within an Egyptian tomb setting. For the neophyte traveler, King Spoon’s Tomb can be brimming with hazards. This is not a simple map to explore, moving away from its way to harm you in inventive methods.