Meet Your Minecraft Blocks

Minecraft is a popular game and it’s all about the blocks. Blocks, blocks, everywhere. Here is a quick overview to everything you need to know about blocks in Minecraft.

Minecraft Blocks Behavior

Together, liquid blocks and solid blocks build up the in-game environment and can be picked and used in various manners. While other blocks, including glass and ice, are transparent, some blocks, including sandstone and dirt, are opaque.

Some blocks, such as glowstone and torches, will emit light. Most opaque blocks will totally block light, while clear blocks either have no effect on light or just diffuse it.

Nearly all blocks will ignore gravity, together with the exception of red sand, sand, gravel, anvils, dragon eggs, concrete powder and, in Pocket Edition, layer snow.

Block height

Most solid blocks are 1 meter high, but specific blocks (especially slabs and stairs) have non-standard block heights.


The textures on the faces of blocks are 16×16 pixels. Their shape can be altered using versions, although most blocks are one cubic meter by default. Most blocks also have static textures, though water, lava, Nether portal site, End portal site, End portal site, fire, sea lantern, command block, prismarine, and magma blocks are animated.

The player can alter the textures and resolution including whether their feel is animated. They could also alter the contours of blocks though sizes that are a power of two have a tendency to work better using the size of blocks and also versions to any size with equivalent width and height.

Goblins and Spear Goblins in Clash Royale

I love all the different goblins in Clash Royale. This introduction covers two of the most popular goblin cards to play, the Goblins and the Spear Goblins.

Meet the Goblins

The Goblins are unlocked in the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three fast, melee Goblins with low hit points and medium damage also it costs 2 Elixir to deploy.

Goblins are powerful as a distraction for high damage single target troops, like the Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A., offensively and defensively.

When using it defensively against Prince, wait for him to start charging. After that, deploy Goblins diagonal to the middle facing him. This may have the ability to soak up the damage done by the 2x charge damage so that he has to go an extended distance and make it. Be certain when the Prince is near the tower, that you just deploy the Goblins. Otherwise, it’ll start charging again, leading to a waste of Elixir.

They may be used as a damage dealing troop behind high hit point troops such as Giant Skeleton, the Giant and Golem. A group of Goblins put behind a Valkyrie, a group of Barbarians, and even the pair spawned by the Barbarian Hut can quickly push these slow moving high hit points troops right to the opponent’s Crown Tower. This combination has more than enough damage to kill the tower before the tank troops are conquered, if not countered.

For merely two Elixir, the Goblins card adds considerable DPS to some player attack, or can be used on the end that is opposite to defend against an opponent’s attack. If given enough time, they are able to dispose of dangers like Golem a Giant, or similar tank. As there are just three of these, the Goblins will likely need some help, though.

Speed and their damage can compel an opposing player on stopping a group of Goblins to make use of Elixir. Goblins have low hit points so they really can be readily killed by charms, such as Zap, The Log, and Arrows, taking into account the charms’ duration that is little to throw, to lead the charms’ impact point.

An unsupported and un-countered group of Goblins will have the ability to get a single hit on the opposing Crown Tower of the same degree. This can be a very elixir-saving way of finishing off a low-wellbeing tower, assuming if they are ignored by your opponent, or the enemy doesn’t have the elixir and/or the troops to counter it.

With perfect time, you’ll be able to surround a splash damage troop like the Wizard with all the tower’s support. This may give you an Elixir edge to counterattack.

Goblins really are an economical solution to deal high damage to building -targeting troops, like Giant or Hog Rider. Goblins can push a Mini P.E.K.K.A., Barbarians or a Valkyrie if put behind them.

They may be very much like Skeletons, offering better stats in every way but for 1 added Elixir, and really are a potential replacement for them. When combined using a Miner, the Miner will act as a tank while the Goblins do a lot of the damage. This strategy is very inexpensive, fast, versatile, and can be played frequently, surprising your opponent. For 5 Elixir, it may be extremely useful and dangerous.

They may be utilized with all the Hog Rider to great effect, by dropping them right next to him without defenses deflected him and shoving him to the right or left side of the Arena. He continues directly for the tower, along with the Goblins can do major injury to the defense or the tower. This really is called a “pig push”.

They truly are an ideal counter for slow, weak, or single -target components like the Ice Wizard and Witch they are going to demand too long to kill the Goblins and therefore will undoubtedly be overwhelmed as.

If she actually is unprotected from the enemy troops, goblins can take out the Princess to get a confident elixir trade.

Enter the Spear Goblins

The Spear Goblins are unlocked from the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three single- medium, goal -ranged Goblins with really low and hit points damage. 2 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Spear Goblins card.

They resemble the Goblins that are conventional, but are leaner and taller, have sharper elven ears and a six-pack, wear a blue/red bandana, have a spear-instance tied to their own backs with a rope, and consistently have a wooden spear in their hands. They share their ensemble with Goblins.

Spear Goblins are sometimes a good relief to higher hitpoints troops like the Giant.

If reflected behind a tank, Spear Goblins will supply protection (6 Spear Goblins will take out single-unit glass cannons or Minion Horde essentially) as well as a strong push for the cost of 5 Elixir; if coupled together with the less expensive tanks such as Giant or Balloon, this may result in a close immediate increase of one Crown. This strategy remains quite vulnerable of spawning troops between the tank and its particular support to the tactic.

They may be used effectively to take down air troops like the Minions, Balloons, and Baby Dragons when they’re deflected. However, in the event the Spear Goblins are next to the tower, the Baby Dragon will take them out easily with 2 or 1 of its dab assaults determined by the amount of the Goblins or Baby Dragon.

Spear Goblins are a decent shield for Towers against enemy air and earth Cards. As with other low hitpoint cards, the Spear Goblins can be easily eliminated troops and by charms that cope area damage, like the Bomber and Arrows.

The Zap is incredibly powerful to get rid of fighting Spear Goblins, because of the enchantment’s equivalent Elixir cost of TWO. However, the player should really be careful about when they use their Zap, as the opponent send cards where the Zap would have been more suitably used, such as for instance a Goblin Barrel or Minions and may make the most of this.

Because of the low Elixir cost, Spear Goblins are easily disposable and may be used to block an enemy Prince’s charge. Spear Goblins may also be a cheaper alternative to the Archers.

The Spear Goblins are used with high hit point troops placed in front of these in association. For just two Elixir, the Spear Goblins may add high DPS to any offensive and aren’t as vulnerable to splash damage when supported behind a tank for their range.

They are easily able to deal high injury to the opponent’s tower, if Spear Goblins have anything in front of them. Because most players are unwilling to counter the Spear Goblins by themselves, allowing for fast damage this can be good.

Spear Goblins are effective as lures, air troop destroyers, or tower whittlers, but they truly are not effective when used alone on offense. Spear Goblins are very just like Archers in just about all stats, but Archers cost 1 more Elixir and are slightly better in every way (except speed and amount of troops spawned). When paired with all the Zap, for instance, they are easily able to overcome a Minion Horde.

A Prince can be actually taken out by spear Goblins with the help of Crown Towers. They player should put the Spear Goblins 4 tiles to the center and 3 tiles upwards. When the Prince attacks the Spear Goblins the next Crown Tower may also damage the Prince, taking him outside.

Putting Double Lane Pressure to Use in Clash Royale

One of my favorite tactics in Clash Royale is to utilize double-lane pressure. This is a technique that is sadly under-used. Selectively attacking in both lanes keeps your opponent on his heels and can dramatically alter the course of a battle.

The Best Way to Use Double Lane Pressure

Double Lane Pressure is a strategy by which you force your competition by utilizing both lanes. Normally, most players exclusively concentrate on attacking among their challenger’s towers. In this video, I’m going to show you guys a group of instances of ways to use both lanes and when is the best time to attack both lanes and win.

The first example I would like to give is when your opponent deploys an expensive troop like the P.E.K.K.A, Giant, Golem, or Sparky. All these cards are easy to counter, or are not cheap in Elixir price and require support. As an example, the P.E.K.K.A is a really simple card to cope with when he’s alone. But when he’s coupled with another troop for example a Wizard, he becomes a a danger that is much bigger. Otherwise, you easily counter him with very little Elixir.

Then when your opponent deploys an expensive troop like the P.E.K.K.A, then the first thing in your head should be to Double Lane Pressure. When your opponent deploys the P.E.K.K.A, he spent 7 Elixir, leaving him with only 3 to defend. So what you should do is force and to attack your opponent on another lane.

For example, if he deployed the P.E.K.K.A on the right lane, then you certainly should attack and force the left lane. What this will do is, it’s going to force your opponent to react and defend the left lane. This can be when your opponent is most vulnerable because he’s just going to have about 4 Elixir to stop your push.

So so long as you force your opponent on the left lane and keep pressuring him on the left with your Elixir edge, your competition is going to have a very difficult time supporting his P.E.K.K.A, or Giant, or Golem, or Sparky. And then after it is made by that troop to your own side, it is simple to counter it now because it’s going to be unsupported as your competition spent all of his Elixir.

Another similar example is when your opponent deploys a costly support troop like the Wizard or Witch. You can instantly attack the opposite lane and force pressure on your competition. This will then result in your opponent failing to support their Wizard or Witch a tank this kind of Giant, permitting you to easily counter that threat.

Whilst you are able to see, the Double Lane Pressure technique can be used any time your opponent deploys a troop that needs support to be effective or pose a lot of danger. A card such as the Hog Rider is rapidly and doesn’t want support to hurt you badly. So Double Lane Pressure ca be n’ted by you against a Hog Rider push. For that, you have to focus on Counterpushing, not Lane Forcing.

One other example I want to share about Double Lane Pressure is when you should initiate assaulting both lanes. When is it the best time to attack both lanes?

This one is somewhat more advanced because it requires you to first scout your challenger’s deck as well as your challenger’s moves.

As an example, say you’re using the Hog Rider and Prince in your deck. Both the Hog Rider and Prince will do a lot of damage if they make it for your challenger’s tower, but that’s the main challenge, getting them to your own challenger’s Arena Tower.

So say that your competitor has Barbarians and Minion Horde to easily counter both your Hog Rider and Prince. So what you must do now is form a strategy and Double Lane Pressure your competition to get to their Arena Tower. Because if you do Lane Pressure, sending your Hog Rider and Prince jointly in one lane will allow your competition to easily counter both of them because both Prince share similar weaknesses and the Hog Rider with ease.

So what you should do is first send out Prince with a combo in one lane or your Hog Rider. This will drive your opponent into defending that lane. So say you deployed your Hog Rider on the lane that is left to fundamentally bait your opponent into using his Barbarians or Minion Horde.

Your competition likely believes that he countered your Hog Rider push very easily and made a clever move. But what you’ve done is created an opening on the right lane. As those Barbarians were deployed, leaving your opponent with just a Minion Horde to defend your Prince push your opponent no longer has Barbarians. So you send in your Prince on the right lane and couple him with Fire Spirits to instantly wipe out the defending Minion Horde and deal incredible damage to your own challenger’s tower.

If you did not Double Lane Pressure this would not happen to be possible. If you had sent on an identical lane with Fire Spirits in your Hog Rider and Prince, then your competition would have easily countered that with his Barbarians and Minion Horde.

And recall, since you’ve pressured your competition on the right lane with your Prince, this disallowed of supporting his Barbarians your opponent, making it very easy to also counter the Barbarians that were unsupported.

So this is how you Double Lane Pressure. It’s more something you’ll learn to master more of as you keep playing Clash Royale, of an advanced technique.

The Tornado Arrives to Clash Royale

There’s a new card in Clash Royale called the Tornado. It’s epic — both literally and figuratively.

The main purpose of this new epic spell card is to grab a hold of enemy troops and draw them to the center of its vortex, doing damage over time. By itself, it’s a mediocre card, but when combined with other damage-dealing cards it can be devastating. This is especially true for splash damage cards.

A few notes on the Tornado:

  • The Tornado is unlocked in Arena 6 (the Builder’s Workshop).
  • This card costs 3 Elixir  to play and is classified as an arena damage spell. It has moderate damage and a wide radius.
  • The Tornado pulls troops towards the center of the spell, making them vulnerable to splash damage. While being pulled, units are still able to attack.
  • The Tornado doesn’t damage buildings.

For more information on the Tornado, visit the Clash Royale Arena guide. Or watch this helpful video from Orange Juice Gaming:

A Collection of My Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

You know I love playing Clash Royale from Supercell. So I’ve collected few tips and tricks along the way that I’d like to share with you. Happy clashing, people!

But First…the Graveyard. I’m really looking forward to playing this new card.


And here are 10 facts you need to know…

OK, let’s get on with the Clash Royale tips!

Unleash the Fire!

Here’s an important suggestion that once among your competitions’ Towers drop you’ll should take heed of its King’s Tower begins assaulting you. That super tower that is significant may also begin attacking you once you hit them.

If you believe the King’s Towers’ strikes are beginning to rev up or you’re prepared to beat ’ em, throw some fireballs and arrows its manner. The King’s Tower is a powerful foe, but a mixture of those strikes plus the help of troops which are on the field should whittle down its health right away.

To be fairly frank, your set of arrows and fireballs should just be used on the King’s Tower. Using those strike cards in any way that is other works just as well.

Patience is a Virtue

Clash Royale mashes it up with card fighting mechanisms and takes the Battle of Families formula. Lots of magic strikes and the exact same troops you’re comfortable with are contained within trading card type.

On the battle field, it might seem like an excellent idea to rush the strike as fast as possible and take your opponent down. But during the opening minutes of a match, start out slow with your offensive strategy. Don’t freak out too much when you discover your towers are becoming assaulted; remain composed and send your troops out according to your tactical plans.

When you do take down a minimum of one Competition Tower, that’s the time where you catch the win as quickly as possible and should ramp up your strike. As the time winds down to seconds and its last minute, the speed where your Elixir refills will double. This provides you with the opportunity to place more troops than before.

Poison, Baby

Be sure to put it to use during one particular scenario that occurs during every match when you eventually add the Toxin enchantment card to your own deck. It’s best to hit them with this gaseous cloud of departure when you find your towers becoming a bit flooded by enemy troops.

This way you’ll find a way to impede on enemies that are incoming and open them up for more assaults out of your towers. The Toxin enchantment card also helps give your troops an edge since they’ll have a less difficult time wiping out troops that are poisoned. The Toxin enchantment card costs four points of Elixir, so it should not be difficult to break it outside when the time.

Be Smart and Savvy with Your Elixir

Pay close attention to your own Elixir meter as you pull new cards out and place em that is. Fight the impulse to put a strong troop out on day one of a match; play with the kind of cards who’s value reaches as much as a max amount of four. Use units that are smaller in order to flood the battle field and whittle down your foe’s tower well-being. It to let your towers wipe out the smaller troops assaulting them instead of spending to be able to get the better of them a card to be spawned by Elixir.

You should just spend when you realize you’ll have enough to spend on another troop right after some Elixir to spawn a strong troop. Do’t function as kind of player who has little to none and overspends Elixir.

The Best Troops

We’ve a couple favorites in regards to the troop cards you’ll need to undoubtedly take into conflict. Super Goblins and goblins are not expensive as it pertains to spending Elixir, so it’s not difficult to throw a group of em that is ’ on the battle field. Archers are great long range troops who you should set up near your towers.

Baby Dragons can steer clear of the strikes of some troops, plus its fireball strikes find a way to wipe out multiple troop simultaneously. Barbarians pack lots of HP, helping to make them excellent “Tank” type characters who can tear up enemy troops immediately and continue a great while. Golems are the most powerful troop kind there’s throw one out near the termination minutes of a match to nab the triumph ASAP.

Wizard, Minion Horde, giant Skeleton and Prince cards come also, thus embrace a strategy for them that works for you.

Wait for Those Chests

If you’re pressed for time, odds are high that you’re gonna spend several stone to open just got chests up instantly. You’ll be allowed access to cards that are new by simply cracking open. You ’ll be fortunate enough to get Epic Poem kind card or an Infrequent. You then shouldn’t if you’re patient have much of an issue waiting the allotted time needed for a chest to show all of the goodies inside.

Free Chests open up when you get ’em (you’ll get a brand new one every four hours), plus Silver Chests take three hours to open. Gold Chests take eight hours, Magic Chests take 12 hours and Crown Chests open up immediately (you’ll get a brand new one every 24 hours). For the last two chest sorts in the game, Giant Chests take Super Magic Chests and 12 hours take 24 hours to open.


Know Your Buildings!

Battle Royale’s cards depending on buildings contains the Barbarian Hut, Tesla, Goblin Hut, Blast Tower, Tombstone, Inferno Tower, Cannon, X-Bow Elixir and Collector. You should currently have a hint about the advantages and powers behind these cards if you’re a hardcore Battle of Families player.

My favorite Building cards are the Barbarian Elixir, Tesla and Hut Collector. The Barbarian Hut helps occasionally add more troops the Tesla is and the Elixir Collector does an amazing job of giving your more Elixir than normal.

Know Your Arena!

So that you can achieve stadium rankings that are higher, you should win those PVP matches that are on-line. Cards and the better the stadium, the more powerful the adversaries you’ll come across. So the beginning Training Camp is a fundamental tutorial camp where 12 cards are unlocked for you.

Lose to Win

Early game epic poems appear to be the most useful, for example, Witch, Prince, and Mini P.E.K.K.A. More cards unlock, meaning your chances of getting the card you need go down as you go into new arenas. You may need there to be as few other cards that can come from torsos as potential to level up these early cards the quickest. To try it, lose. Yes, you read that right, lose. Get back to less or 400 prizes. Open all the chests you’ve got once you get there. You may get the uncommon cards you have to succeed at a level that is higher.

Hoard Your Gold

It’s much far better to be choosy about your upgrades, although it’s really tempting in the beginning to update every card you possibly can. Typically, I’d stick to updating cards that are largely common since they’re more affordable. Additionally, just use your gold to update cards you understand you use often and enjoy.

Free chests get at regular times for you and you get a torso when you win a conflict so you’ll have the ability to update other cards as you go along in the goodies you get in those chests. Gold is extremely difficult to come by in the game, so being cautious about how you spend it’ll make a difference for your deck and the quantity of conflicts you win.

Clash Royale – Starting Push Deck

This can be an easy guide for a deck I’ve been using in the very popular mobile game Clash Royale.

The really cool thing about this deck is that it features tutorial and first arena cards, making it appropriate for everyone.

Personally, I used this deck in the 1700-2300 levels and can verify that if played right may be used in high amounts of play and battles. It will take you far!

OK, enough build-up. Here are the cards you should use:

  •  Archers
  • Bomber
  • Arrows
  • Spear Goblins
  • Mini Pekka
  • Musketeer
  • Giant
  • Prince

Important Note: The Prince is very difficult to replace and is an integral part of the deck. This strategy won’t go far without the Prince leading the charge (literally!)

In a match you’ll have two selections. In these two scenarios you may use a combo that is similar to get crowns. Each push you do you should look to put a giant at the rear part of your side so you’ll be able to augment it as it goes over the bridge and so that you can let your elixir.


You are going to primarily use archers, bomber, and your spear goblins as the have an incredibly low cost and let you cycle through immediately. Your musketeer should be used against baby dragons and balloons since it flourishes in air defensive scenarios. Your miniature PEKKA, believe it or not, is also excellent at protecting against hog riders and giants since it can go on a counter push and has a high damage vehicle assault.

Weaknesses and Things to Watch Out For

This deck can overwhelm many players which can be not prepared but can have some rough if things go sour matches. The only deck that’s given me issues unlike any other is the golem. Golems are an important counter for this deck and beyond and secure the gates to stadium 6. The only method I’ve had the opportunity to defeat them is shoving on the opposite side for an early crown afterward doing my best to defend it away. The final matter that can cease your push is a skeleton military which once you have seen one time you will end up able use and to call bomber or your arrows later on to overcome.

Oh, and random thought. Why, oh why, did they nerf the Giant?


VLC Media Player

Tip: Convert Media Files with VLC

Taking a break from posting about games to share a cool tips I learned about VLC Media Player. VLC is an incredible tool that plays nearly every kind of video out there.

And now, on to the tips…


Play/Download On-Line Videos

You can actually use VLC to play and download videos that are online. You’ll be able to use the full suite of tools to control video playback or save them for later play.

To begin an internet video, visit Media > Open Network Stream. Press theNetwork tab, enter the URL of the video and click Play. To save it, instead of Play, select Convert.

Record A Now Playing with Video/Sound

If capture and you want to record a snippet of a video that you’re playing, VLC has an option to do this. To enable this attribute, on the menu bar, click View > Advanced Controls. Additional buttons will appear on the program. While playing a media file, click the Record button to begin recording. Press again to stop.

While sound will go to your Music folder records will be saved in the Videos folder for videos,. On the Mac version, visit the menu bar and click Playback > Record or use the shortcut Cmd Alt R.

Record Desktop

VLC has the capacity to record a video of your desktop, acting as a screen recorder. To empower desktop recording, visit Media > Convert / Save. Visit the Capture Device tab and on the Capture mode drop down menu, select Desktop. Select your frame rate for the click and capture Convert under Desired frame rate / Save. Eventually select the destination and click Start and your codec. To stop recording, click the Stop button.

Record Webcam

It’s possible for you to record a video in VLC using your computer’s webcam. Visit Media > Open Capture Device and choose DirectShow from the Capture style drop menu. From where it will capture from here you’ll select the sound and video device. VLC and click Play will stream out of your webcam. Use VLC’s skill to record currently playing with video and you have yourself a webcam recorder.


Did you know you are able to use your DVD’s to rip into your computer? It’s a simple way to create an archive file of your DVD’s for back-up purposes or a way to view them when you don’t have entry to the physical disc.

Visit Media > Convert / Save and click on the Disc tab. Under Disc Selection, click assess No cd menu and on the radio button of the media cd you’re using. Make sure the chosen Disc device is correct and click Convert / Save. Pick the codec you wish to save in and save it with the extension that is compatible with your codec.

Remote Control VLC From A Browser

There’s an option available to use a web browser as a simple remote control for VLC. This is very useful when running VLC on a media center PC, as you are able to control it using your mobile phone or a notebook.

To enable this feature, visit Tools > Setting, and click the radio box Allunder Show settings. Then visit Interface > Chief Interface and tick the Webcheck carton. Subsequently, under Interface > Chief > Lua, establish the Lua HTTP Password. Remote control through the browser should now be enabled.

To test this, on your own browser with VLC installed, visit localhost:8080. It’ll request the password and once given, it should display a remote control interface. To use this on another device, you will need to find the IP address of your devices’s browser. Add the address on your own device’s browser with :8080 appended to it, for example Your device is currently a VLC remote that is simple.

Video And Audio Effects

VLC gives you a ton of tools that enables you to manipulate the video and sound of any specified media. To see the tools available, visit Tools > Corrections and Effects. From here, you’ll see tabs that contain the A/V manipulation tools. On the video side, you are able to adjust colors, crop, rotate video, add filters, etc. With sound, you get your music to be tuned by the usual equalizers.

Subscribe To Podcast

VLC can fill that need, in case you are trying to find a podcast subscription program that is very easy. You can use the program view them all within the program and to subscribe to your favourite video and sound podcast.

To subscribe to a podcast, got to the Playlist sidebar, under Internet, there’s aPodcast option. Hover your mouse cursor and a will appear. Click on it and add the RSS to your podcast. On the Mac version, visit the Podcast option and press Subscribe to add the RSS URL.

Play Internet Radio

VLC supplies Internet Radio channels on its Playlist sidebar for you to search and browse for radio stations that are online. If the provided stations don’t interest you, you’re able to play your favourite channel by getting the station’s URL and opening it using Media > Open Network Stream.

Video Background

Ever desired to have a video playing as your desktop wallpaper? There is a simple way to toggle this using VLC. Visit Tools > Setting. Click on Video and under the Output drop down box, select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output. Save and restart VLC. The next time you play a video, an alternative will appear under Video on the right-click menu to play as a Set as Background. Pick it and the video will then begin playing as your desktop background.

Add Watermarks On Video

You can add your own watermarks through VLC on a video, bypassing a need for a dedicated video editor to do that. Do remember though you will must use the video to be saved by VLC’s recording feature .

To begin, visit Tools > Effects and Filters. Click on the Video Effects tab and under the Overlay tab, you’ll get options to either add to the video in a simple text or your logo.

Play Media Found In Archive Files

If you’ve a ZIP or RAR file which has a media file, it is possible to play them within VLC. Them open with VLC and it will play the files contained within all.

If the file is broken up into bits, only open the first part of the archive file making sure all the files are within precisely the same place. This really is a superb suggestion when you don’t want to waste space decompressing the video.


Take A Photo of Your Video

Ever need certainly to take a picture of a video you’re viewing? VLC has a way to achieve this. Simply use the shotcut Shift S on Windows and Linux or Cmd Alt S on OS X. The graphic will be saved in your OS’s various pictures folder.

Bookmark A Video

So that you can return to it later on, if you feel like replaying a specific part of a video you can bookmark a component of a video. To bookmark a video, visit Playback > Custom Bookmarks > Manage. The Edit Bookmarks window will pop up. When at a section of a video you’d like to bookmark press on the Create button.

Add Subtitles to Your Videos

If a video you have doesn’t come with subtitles, you are able to add your own by locating an SRT subtitle file for the video and adding in it. To add the subtitle, play your video and visit Subtitle on the menu bar and click Add Subtitle File. It uses the exact same file name if you need VLC to play it mechanically, set the SRT file in the exact same folder as the video and ensure.

Slow Or Speed Up The Playback

This attribute is very useful when a media file principally for the content, for example podcast, audiobooks, recorded lectures, etc. are being watched by you To begin, press ] to fast forward by 0.1x for each press. To slow it down, press [ instead. On the Mac, there’s a slider to control playback speed, located in Playback.

Extensions And Plugins

Much like Firefox, you are able to extend the functionality and appearance of your VLC player. There are an assortment of extensions and skins to be found on the VideoLAN website. Take a look and see what appeals to you.

Some of the extensions allow you to mechanically get subtitles, information on the actors, as well as lyrics to tunes, among other things. Skins, there are many available that are certain to fit your taste and on the other hand, allow you to alter the look of your media player.

Bonus tip: Play WMV Files on Your Mac with VLC